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We believe that the future of sales is not just online. We are experts in engaging directly with customers and understand their needs with a professional and personal touch. Nothing beats sales experience. We are well trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable sales representatives.

Event Promotion

Face to Face


Sales Outsourcing

Integral Communications are experts in engaging directly with customers and understand their needs with a professional and personal touch.

Face to Face

Our Face to Face approach guarantees results. In a world cluttered by online marketing, consumers are bombarded with over 3000 ads every single day.

We strongly believe that a lot of businesses are losing the competitive advantage because their communication techniques are not meeting or satisfying the needs of the customer. At Integral Communications, we ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Each business that is looking to sell their product or service all have a target market in which they will look to aim at. At Integral, have a number of tried and tested ways to reach your desired market.

Here is how we bring you best in class results

Sales Outsourcing

Event Promotion

There is no better time to interact with a potential customer than when they’re in a buying mood.

Integral Communications does that with a professional presence in relevant retail stores. With the large foot traffic experienced by major retailers and events, our clients enjoy a lift in their overall sales through the retail face to face channel.

Our “paid site” or “events” teams operate under a quasi-retail environment in both large and local shopping centres and malls. All teams are very experienced in working with displays and demonstration materials. Crisp uniforms, clear and eye-catching marketing collateral and an open, friendly manner are just the start.

One of the advantages that our clients love about this channel is that it is easier for them to present their marketing materials and message in a non-threatening but high volume channel. The volume of people that we speak with is in the vicinity of 120 to 150 people per day. With a higher strike rate of 1 in 10 likely in this channel there is a decent volume of willing customers. The quasi-retail environment conveys credibility and gives the sales team exposure to a solid volume of potential buying traffic.

Some of the key advantages of using this channel are:

Talking to people who are in a buying/shopping mindset

Clients opportunity for Branding space (Banners, Display, Demos etc)

Steady stream of potential customer volume going through the centre

Great channel for us to train, monitor and build sales techniques

With an average of 1 in 10 people going through the sales process until completion that leaves 19 others that receive a message and have at least some education about our client and their cause. This means that the client receives a proliferation of their message delivered in person by a professional to hundreds of people a day without incurring a cost for the promotional activity.

Our clients receive their message personally delivered by an experienced, well trained and highly motivated sales rep. We use non-obstructive, well-received stopping approaches to engage customers in a conversation, then by using questioning techniques and hot topic points to stimulate a two-way engaging conversation around the client’s message we steer the conversation through the sales process and close the sale with a positive personal touch.

Get in Touch

Event Promotion delivers an opportunity to

Get your Message to the Masses.

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