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We believe in developing People

Our aim is to enhance and develop your existing skills – we want you to be the very best that you can be. We understand that our success relies on the competency, ability, knowledge and confidence of our staff. Guided by our management and a team of expert sales trainers, our new recruits learn numerous selling methods and more at our Sales Skills course. Our Sales Skills course offers leadership and management training for our sales staff that are looking to progress into management roles.

This is the initial introduction to sales practices for new joiners

Sales Skills Introduction

This is the initial introduction to sales practices for new joiners. It helps in creating an understanding of the sales environment and builds in confidence through various group work and role plays.

It covers the following sections:

1. The basic principles of sales

2. Building confidence

3. Importance of professionalism

4. Sales Ethics

5. Buying and Selling Signs

6. Role Play and Field Training

These sessions ensure that each person receives the guidance and actionable feedback they need to improve. We also fully train staff on communication structures, KPI management and recording, and reporting timelines. We also include activities such as team meetings, live or recorded call reviews, peer-to-peer coaching, and rep one-on-ones.

One-on-ones are an essential element of any effective coaching model. They facilitate the core of individualized coaching on a routine basis.

Our ethos of continuous improvement turns good sales people into great company ambassadors. Every sales person, territory and region is meticulously monitored to identify trends so that the relevant supports can be introduced when needed.

Basic hourly pay with added commission structure

We recognise the hard work and dedication to succeed within our employees and as a result, we offer a competitive base pay. We offer competitive packages to suit all levels. This coupled with our bonus structures and uncapped OTE’s means there is exceptional earning potential and incentives within the company.

Team leaders and Management opportunities

We are always looking for talent with aspirations to move their career forward. If you haven't got management experience but feel like you have the capabilities of managing others - we provide training and development to help you progress. If you have experience as a top sales person or management, we may have something that would suit you to!

Get in touch for more information.

At Integral Communications, there are opportunities to develop and progress through the company. We believe in employee progression and recognising performance. Wherever possible, promotions are made from within the organisation. Comprehensive training is offered to all new employees, this training and development continues as you progress within your role, and through all levels of the organisation.

Hard work and determination are fundamental to success. We make it possible. We’re always on the lookout for new talent in various areas. If you are a sales professional who wants to join a team, lead a team, work as a lone ranger or manage a region then get in touch. If your experience and skills match our criteria one of our recruiters will contact you in the coming days to find out a little more about you.

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This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Turning good sales people into

Great company Ambassadors


What Our Employees Say

I have been working for Integral Communications for 8 months now and can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it. Instantly I felt part of the team and have consistently been guided by Ger and Charlie and the other members of the company that are constantly encouraging you which really helps with your determination to succeed. It is a great place to work and one that makes you look forward to the working week!

Niamh Finnerty


What Our Employees Say

Been working here for almost 5 months now and I really enjoy working for Integral. A real friendly and hard working environment. Gerard and Charlie really make you feel welcome and I couldn’t say enough good things about the two. Excellent training provided also as I never had sales experience but they really get you up and running. Would highly recommend anyone to join this great bunch.

Dylan Tom


What Our Employees Say

I've found Integral Communications to be a fantastic learning experience in my professional career. Both Ger and Charlie have the utmost respect for all their employees making the office a very positive workspace. Working alongside a team with such drive for success is also a huge bonus!

Emma Aherne


What Our Employees Say

Been working here for almost 2 months now and am thoroughly enjoying the workplace. A real friendly and hard working environment. Especially Gerard and Charlie. Excellent training provided also

Stephen Buck


What Our Employees Say

During my time working with Integral Communications I had nothing but positive experiences. The career development opportunities were second to none and the amazing team there always made it a very positive working environment. I’m delighted to have been part of such a progressive company that I learnt so much from!

Heather Moore


What Our Employees Say

Great place to work. Ger and Charlie are 2 of the nicest people you could work for. There is an unbelievable positive atmosphere amongst all of the staff. The training received is of a very high standard also. Overall a very enjoyable place to work.

Jack Price


What Our Employees Say

I really enjoyed working for Integral Communications. Fundraising was never something I thought I would do and I’m really glad I did as it’s such a rewarding experience knowing I’m part of a team helping an amazing organisation like the CHF. The whole team were very friendly and kind to me and I felt so supported in everything. I got to learn new skills and gain more confidence in myself. I’m really greatful that I ever had the opportunity to work for Integral Communications and the friends I made too.

Lovely Lulu


What Our Employees Say

I have been working with Integral Communications now for the past few months and my experience so far has been brilliant. All aspects of the company are second to none ,from the training provided to the worth ethic of all team members. The hard working environment and positive atmosphere means you are sure to maximise your potential and enjoy each day thoroughly.

Darragh Barry

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