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We offer face to face sales solutions, a powerful way of reaching customers on the field, increasing sales and delivering our clients brand message. With over 15 years combined experience in sales, we know exactly how to increase sales, generate new business and to improve brand awareness across the areas in which we work. We believe that it’s the power of people who can build a brand. In an oversaturated digital world, we believe that the oldest method of marketing is still very much relevant in today’s online world. We take the time to meet consumers face to face and introduce them to your brand.

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Our mission is simple:

To create a great work environment and provide our team the best opportunities for everyone to fulfill their career needs. We do this through continuous conversations and listening to each other, working with each other and moving forward together.

Based on 47 reviews
Andrew Mc Sweeney
Managing Director - Active Sales

Worked alongside Integral Communications over 12 months now to help build numerous brands. From the recruitment to the development of the sales teams - I find them very professional and effective for any sales process that needed to be developed. They perform to the highest standard and achieve results with integrity. Keep up the great work.

Based on 47 reviews
Ronan Quinn
Director - C3 Marketing

We are delighted to be partnering with Ger and Charlie and their team at Integral Communications. The team have been representing some of our clients for the past year and we are very happy with the quality and professional approach shown by everyone.

Based on 47 reviews
Jamie Moloney
Director - SalesAdvice

I've been working with Ger and the Integral Team for a number of years and found their services excellent and extremely efficient. We have been working on a large campaign for the past 12 months and it truly feels as if the Integral Team are a full time part of our business, always at hand to help and support. Adding different ideas and helping us grow month on month. Couldn't recommend highly enough.


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